This is the entrance of the parking garage of the building. A young woman pulled up and for reasons the entry gate was down and I guess wouldn’t spit a ticket out. Someone else already went around because the exit gate was left open.

She kept trying to back up but would turn the wheel and almost got wedged or backing into the steps on right or curb on left. I tried to get her to “sttaighten the wheel the back up” but would always go too far to opposite side, then head for concrete. She eventually got backed up but with another car 10-15' behind she didn’t back up enough and turning left the front passenger hopped the curb and I just had to walk away into that door on the right. Eventually the car was gone.

I may have been an asshole, but I just couldn’t help any more.

I’m sorry lady, use your mirrors, tilt them down and don’t get embarrassed or anxious because people are watching you curb your wheels.


It was a red maybe infinity mid sized sedan I think.