I turn old tonight.

As of the 8th, I will be 24. It’s a saturday, but I work anyway. So that’s fun. Gonna eat a calzone for dinner though, and hopefully my sore throat will go away. It’s been a week of waking up every two hours in a coughing fit. My eyes are literally bloodshot. This must be what it’s like to have a child, I imagine.

Here are some fun facts about my birthday:

I share it with Jim Morrison, Gregg Allman, and... uh... Ann Coulter. They can’t all be winners. John Lennon died on it, and so did Marty Robbins, Dimebag Darrell, and John Glenn. There were also a weird amount of terrorist attacks and plane crashes throughout history. It’s mostly kind of a depressing day, but with Jim Morrison in it.


As for the number 24, it’s interesting because it’s the largest number where subtracting 1 from any of its divisors (except 1 and 2) gives a prime number. Also, the product of any four consecutive numbers is divisible by 24. So that’s neat.

Lastly, this means that I’ve been driving a full third of my life so far. Which actually seems really small, considering I don’t remember anything from before I was 10 or so.

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