Over the past nine weeks, I've dropped from 208 pounds and 26% body fat to 176 pounds and 18% body fat. Woot. This was accomplished by bringing salad for lunch every day (fine by me, as I don't have time to take a full hour and I can also watch Star Wars: Clone Wars on my iPhone - yeah, I'm a dork), cutting our almost all sugar, and vastly reducing portion size. Haven't really increased exercise, mostly because I've just been diagnosed with two herniated discs and a pinched sciatic nerve, as well as calcific tendinitis in my left shoulder.

ANYWAY, this is the lightest I've been since college.

My wife has also dropped 25 pounds and is now back to her old self ("wedding weight"), following the birth of two little girls over the past four years.

My takeaway - losing weight isn't that hard in theory. Fight your cravings, have someone to hold you to the goal (and vice versa), and think about the long term ramifications of remaining overweight or obese. My loss was wicked fast, mainly because I've always had the metabolism of a ferret, even though it's much slower now that I'm almost 40.

What is hard is staying away from convenience food, temptation from friends and coworkers, and stress eating. You have to plan meals, including breakfast and lunch. We found that since we were on such a limited ingredients list, it was relatively easy to whip up something in no time at all. I grilled a lot of chicken and salmon, and we ate a ton of roasted or grilled okra, squash, salad, spinach, garlic, etc. Easy peasy.

Just saying.

PS - The sad irony, after losing all this weight, one of the first things my physical therapist said to me was, "I'd really like to see you drop 10 pounds or so."