I’ve only ever owned 4-cylinder cars (except for a brief stint with a 325iX) and I’ve recently found myself wanting more, like 5.0 Mustang more. Coming up in the next year or so I’ll be able to pay off the FiST that I bought last year OR I can trade it in and get something loud. I’ll be getting a promotion at the end of the year too which will bring my max car budget up to $40k after trading in the Fiesta. I know it makes more sense to keep the FiST and be 21 with a paid off car but loud noises, RWD, and 400+ HP has a serious appeal to me. Sitting in the new Mustang GT just feels RIGHT and the new Camaro is being slowly revealed and I’m sure it’s going to be damn good and in my price range. But then again I could just not have a car payment for a few years and be much less stressed financially.



And FiST, I still love you. More than I could’ve imagined I would.