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I’ve Acquired A VERY Rad New Car

Well new to me anyhow. I’ve posted before about my best bud Nathan barn finding an FC RX7 Turbo II that had sat for 15 years. Nathan rebuilt the entire fuel system, braking system and other basic wear items. The car fired up and ran and drove very nicely.

It’s a car that meant a great deal to him as he has a very special relationship with FC RX7s and he never had intentions of selling it. That was until a few days ago when he approached me with the prospect of buying it. I’d told him if he ever sold it I wanted to know, so he told me.


On my automotive bucket list, the FC is top 3 and almost the cliche “Eleanor” for me as anytime I’ve come close to getting one, something prevented it. After 15 years of lusting after these cars, I’m proud to say I’ve put an end to the spell and I’m acquiring his car.

It’s titled with 77k miles, was sold brand new just 30 miles from his town, and never left Ohio. Mechanically she’s a peach; but it’s going to need a paint job. The sapphire blue paint shows much sun fading and peel, so in the summer time we will be fixing that problem. As far as rust goes, it simply has none. Mechanically it just needs a few vacuum lines done and an exhaust.


My tentative goal for this year is to have him fabricate a tasteful 3” turbo back exhaust, put the fuel cut defender on it, and do a V mount radiator and intercooler setup. Otherwise I plan to get a specific RE Amemiya front bumper and a specific set of Shine Auto side skirts to be painted with the rest of the car. Next weekend I’m detailing the interior really thoroughly to bring it back to new.

All in all, this year I don’t have any crazy mod plans with it. I have a goal to put ten thousand miles on it and just enjoy it for what it is. Next year it’ll get a proper build. I just want to preserve, restore and enjoy this quirky beast.


Stay tuned. I’ll snap decent pictures for the next post :)

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