I bought a Miata.

Last Saturday I bought this 1991 Miata SE in British Racing Green, with the factory hardtop, and 76k miles on the odometer.

Those of you with better eyesight may notice that it has fairly aggressive camber, both front and rear. The stock wheels currently on it hide the fact that it’s a fully prepped STS class car. (which I have been beaten by several times at AutoX)


It also came with three sets of wheels. The OEM 14s (painted dark grey) with all season street tires, a set of Black Konig 15x6.5s, and a set of 949 Racing 15x7.5 6ULs with fresh RE-71R tires.

It’s hilariously smaller than Jayhawk Jake’s Mustang Camero (which he generously taught me to drive stick in last week, so that I had at least 30 minutes of stick experience before test driving this car).


Also, considerably smaller than Jake’s NB. So I now own the smallest car of the Wichitoppos.


Is it perfect? No

Is it probably the cleanest NA I’ve seen? Yes


So, yeah, I have two cars now...

and both of them have FUCKING POP-UP HEADLIGHTS...

goddammit... FML, lol.