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I’ve been slowly killing my wife

Yes it is as bad as it sounds

You see, I’ve known her for 8 years, 7.6 of which we’ve lived together. 6.9 of those she’s been ill. Initially we thought it was black mold caused by the, well, black mold in our first (incredibly shitty) apartment.


We’ve tried everything we can think of - tossed tens upon tens of thousands of dollars at doctors, specialists, you name it we tried it. It wasn’t until a few months ago when our new doctor (hooray Cigna!) actually paid attention to all those test results that he decided to try something no other doctor would glance at (boo Kaiser Permanente).

He sent her to (yet another) cardiologist who, much like him, did little more than pay attention to the 6 or so years of results. After a day’s deliberation my wife was put on 4 grams of Sodium Chloride per day.


I cook pretty much all the food in the house, for good reason. I don’t use much, if any, salt. Turns out that she has a problem and that problem is lack of salt. It constricts her veins, makes her dehydrated, makes her pass out at random times. She has been on the high sodium setup for a few months now and is making great strides to recovery! She’s moving around, doing cardio and strength training, and is on track to graduate college next month. I couldn’t be happier. I kick myself relentlessly for unknowingly putting this on her.

Back to your regularly scheduled shitposting.

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