I’ve been up to some cool things ;)

After 4 months I feel like I’m finally hitting my stride at my new shop. My tool collection is growing quickly, probably around $5-6000 not including boxes invested so far. Recently I outgrew my husky box and upgraded to a Snap-on box (used $1000) and I’m filling it up fast. Most importantly I’m doing some cool jobs and getting better at diagnosis. I did my first ever timing belt with cam and crank seals on a Hyundai tiburon (barfing face), I replaced the valve cover, boost control solenoid, purge valve and related evap crap on a newer x5, a 4 wheel brake job on a Porsche Cayenne and some cooling system diagnosis on a bmw 750il, that twin turbo 4.4 sure is sweet. it has both a main and auxiliary radiator with mostly separate systems, and that is not even counting the trans cooler. Good news is I’m finally billing 40+ hours per week instead of 30 despite working 50+ every week, the learning curve was incredibly steep working on all makes and models especially because I never went to tech school and I started my first job changing oil at a valvoline 14 months ago. Needless to say I’m feeling much better than I was when I started here in May but I still have a long long way to go. my biggest issue is I have too many minor comebacks for things like residual fluids I failed to clean up or rattling noises. the worse comeback so far was when I put an alternator in a toyota solara and I glossed over the aging radiator neck, the plastic was brown and brittle and the upper rad hose needed to be removed to remove the alternator. the stress of the hose reinstall weakened the neck and although it was fine for my post repair test drive, when the customer got in bumper to bumper Atlanta traffic the neck shattered and the car had to be towed back to the shop on our dime. I should have noticed the weak neck and taken greater care. I’ve also been getting my side work on, I got a German import 560 sec running by replacing the two fuel pumps and cleaning the fuel tank with acid, and I got a nighthawk 750 running by rebuilding the carbs. It’s been a very busy couple of months.


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