I drove it for the first time in a month on Saturday and the ol’ 4.3’s growl (thanks to the rusted out exhaust and cherry bomb muffler) combined with that endearing “old GM product” smell won me back over.

Plus, as soon as I get rid of it, we’ll probably have the snowiest winter ever. You never know with Kentucky weather and global warming. At least the four-wheel-drive isn’t dependant on the ABS, since that’s no longer functional. Oh, and the A/C has lost all of its refrigerant again. I’ll charge it back up in the spring. One charge usually lasts almost all summer. Then, there’s the pungent exhaust smell. Funny, if not slightly embarrassing in drive-thrus.

Overall, she’s got about 700 little things wrong but I only drive it 1,000 miles a year at most. So, it’s a good spare vehicle.

Plus, my Papaw is wanting 3k out of his Tacoma and I couldn’t get that for the S10.