I’ve done a thing.

With the back of my house facing west we get scorching afternoon sun through our back sliding door.

I had gotten some “FREE” fence poles from work, and with some turnbuckle and various hardware, and also 1/2” x 4” concrete anchors “from work” my father in law helped me install this Saturday.


There was a hardware store run so of course we visited a local brewery on the way back.


The poles are 10’8” and the sun shade is sit at 9.5’ and 7.5’ slope away from the house. And when completed the afternoon sun was blazing onto the patio later in the day where I felt like I did all this for nothing. But Sunday early afternoon the kids laid out on the patio in the shade provided and it was worthwhile.

It’s stull a bit odd to see a canopy looking out the back door, and the dog gets tangled up with her lead.


All in all to quote a fellow respected Oppo, “Job Done.” It’s not quite what I envisioned, but it is done. I have been thinking about doing something for over a year.


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