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I’ve never been a big “tuner” but this trans tune is good

I finally ponied up the $270 for a BMW ZF6 auto transmission tune for my E84 X1 with the N55 from XHP Tuning.

Let me first say, I really like this car, it’s quick, just right sized, practical, and gets not completely terrible mileage. I suspect when I get better tires I will feel even more positively about it.

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The ZF6 auto isn’t bad, but in D it’s a little clunky(shift speed and firmness are inconsistent), it’s default to start from a stop is 2nd gear, and manual mode is not a full control proposition(though much better than many I’ve tried).


The XHP Flash and specifically their Stage 3 map is a really good move in the right direction based on my first drive with it. It has the car start in first from a standstill, it’s more consistent in shift firmness and quickness in D mode, and manual mode improves shift speed quite a bit and feels more fun and with more left up to the driver. All in all it seems well worth the money.

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