I’ve Rented A Thing

I’m visiting family in the Bay Area and needed some wheels to get around, so I gave Turo a try. I wanted something small (because I’d be parking it in the city and mostly only transporting myself) and fun (because duh), preferably with a manual. I first had my eye on a Golf R, but when I went back to make the reservation it was no longer available. So then I tried to reserve a Fiat 500 Abarth, but it turned out it was in the shop. When that request was declined, someone at Turo reached out to help with some similarly-priced options from owners know to be very reliable...so what I ended up with is very nice but neither small nor particularly exciting.

It’s a 2011 535i xDrive, which has been less than ideal to park but very nice to cruise around in. It didn’t cost much more than renting some boring compact with insurance due to the insane airport taxes here. And the pickup went off without a hitch—the very pleasant owner picked me up at the airport and politely asked me to drop him off at the nearest train station. Apparently he and his wife have made Turo a small business, with a fleet of about ten cars at the various Bay Area airports. Nice guy, nice car.


Anyway, Turo is neat and AMA you’re dying to know about a 2011 5-series, I guess.

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