I found myself in Ohio so I took the opportunity to drive out of Columbus 30 minutes to visit the Honda Heritage Center.

The heritage center is also home to some of Honda’s Corporate Offices. I’m not sure for what though.

Once inside, the museum entrance is free, you just need to show a Photo ID.

I was immediately greeted by several motorcycles.

The museum was broken up into little sections like safety, innovation, or by products.


RHD Accord Wagon. These were manufactured nearby in Ohio and actually exported to Japan.

They also had a basic racing sim that was pretty fun.


Everyone that I saw was wearing this same type of uniform.


A room full of robots! (I think they do training here)

This was in their “Racing” section of the museum.

Honda Jet!


I couldn’t believe how tiny this thing was. Not a bad way to fly i’m sure.


That’s it for now...

After I left, I went and ate some delicious hot chicken at a place called Hot Chicken Takeover. It did not disappoint.