I watched GYMKHANA_TEN and thought it was great, but really it just made me want to build an insaniacal super-machine like the Hoonitruck. So that’s what we’re gonna do: show me your ultimate dream Gymkhana build.

You need a base car, a powertrain, and “skin”, pretty much the livery of your car plus wheels. It’s all you need to provide—the specifics of the build are pretty much given. A maximum of two builds will be presented.

My two cars shall be...


A widebody Lancia Stratos with LaFerrari V12 power and DRS, dressed in Alitalia livery.



Trophee Andros BMW M2 with a twin-turbo E60 M5 engine revving to 11,000rpm. Dressed in the current factory BMW M livery (like in the M8 GTE), wearing SSR GTF01 wheels.

That’s mine. What’s yours?