So it looks like we’ll sorta be getting GT1 back, hopefully with homoligation specials and everything. With the emphasis on road cars looks, maybe we’ll get slightly looser regs and allow these machines to be close to road going monsters they emulate? When I heard Aston and Merc were in on this, I can’t be the only one who thought “oh cool, the Valkyrie and Project one are gonna go at it”. And if that’ll be the case, maybe Porsche’s full-power 919 serves more of a purpose than just being the best example of “hey, watch this” in the automotive world? With the Valkrie’s, Project 1's, and that whateverthehell from Toyota, well, existing, I could see Porsche getting in on this and basically giving us a homoligated 919 if things go how we’re all hoping they do. What do you guys think is gonna happen?