My 3 series has developed this problem where it likes to turn off randomly when the clutch is depressed and I’m slowing down. I figured I would start looking into this. There are a couple things it could be, it could be the idle control valve, among other things. It could also be a dirty MAF. Since cleaning the MAF is the cheaper option, I’m going to start there.

I went over to my friends house today to feed their cat breakfast; he eats on the table right now as they also have a puppy and it’s the only place he can eat without the puppy trying to eat him. On the way home, I stopped at Advanced Auto Parts and got a can of MAF cleaner; I got a couple of weird looks when I pulled up in the E90 M3, I think it was more looks of bewilderment. I’m at home having a cup of coffee before I go pull apart my intake then clean the MAF off and see if that has any difference.

I guess since I need a new hobby, maintaining two E9Xs on a shoe string budget in an apartment complex parking lot could be one.