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I want a car like that!

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1929 Hungerford Rocket

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A couple of brothers built this car in New York in 1929 on a 1921 Chevy chassis. It used an ordinary gasoline engine to get up to speed, and then the rocket engines took over. It could reach speeds as high as 70 mph, and it got 2 mpg doing so, leaving a 20-foot trail of flames behind it. The body was constructed largely of cardboard and linoleum, because in the event of an emergency, they wanted to be able to “kick their way out”. They planned for this to be a first prototype, and have a second one built as a ready-for-production model, but they ended up spending all of their time promoting the first one at shows and fairs and such. Sadly, it did not attract investors and the 70 mph cardboard rocket car did not go into production. However, it was restored in the 60's and still exists in a museum. Because sometimes you just want to drive around in a bullet-shaped rocket car.

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