Nevermind that this one’s a Feroza, it’s the same thing. The Rocky is like a Sidekick, but way more obscure. I want one badly.

I would settle for a Charade, especially one of the later De Tomaso variants, which would have to be imported from Japan, but, you know, what’s the chances of finding a Charade in North America nowadays anyways?

Or, maybe an Applause?


Which was a Skoda Superb before the Skoda Superb was cool.


And, last but not least, the Hijet. Because hell yes. These things are quite common in Canada, mainly the trucks, from people wanting an extremely small completely utilitarian truck, which is something basically nonexistent in Canada, but they have oodles of in Japan. Also popular are the Subaru Sambar, Suzuki Carry (Known to the Brits as the Bedford Rascal, also famous for killing Richard Hammond in the Top Gear van challenge), and the Honda Acty.

Halfway through writing this, I realized Daihatsu is probably the best automaker ever.