Some of you may recall that I Posted about wanting a small fwd car about a week or so ago. The best thing to come of it was someone putting the 2.3 equipped focus back on my map(I had considered and then given up as they seemed not common and I was not sure they had enough oomph). Part of this desire stems out of wanting my first manual. The other part is that I want something small and light. And I was sold on the car when I found that for about $1000 worth of mods and tuning you could get into the 180-200 hp range.

Tonight though, I really blew my mind when i found out about the SAP:

That’s an awesome looking Focus!

There is one for sale nearby but they want way over KBB and even further over my budget. Going to call tomorrow and see if they are willing to consider an offer in the KBB range. Otherwise, there’s an 03 for sale for a very modest sum, though it’s nowhere near as good looking as the SAP above.