In about 2 months I will turn only 17, which probably makes some of you reminisce about the old days, but for me, it makes me feel almost... mature.

The reason for this is because since I go on Jalop (and Oppo of course) a lot, I always see Craigslist ads and things like that which involve very nice cars. Usually. These ads even invite me to go on my local CL and dig around for a car, particularly like the one above. This makes no sense though, as I am only 16. With no license.

Luckily my parents are all thumbs up for me getting my permit, probably because they know I love cars and they're getting tired of lugging me around. Also, I doubt they'd want to buy me a car, especially because there's... wait for it... public transport available everywhere (this is NYC). They already sound 100% against paying for the insurance hike once I get my license, which is why I want to find me a job ASAP. I want to buy my own car, buy my own mods (no, I wouldn't rice anything), maintain it and even insure it myself if possible. Ok, in reality that last one isn't really possible, coming from a near broke teen. But, the other ones are.

I'm tired of sitting here day after day seeing so many nice cars up for sale while I slowly die on the inside knowing I can't have them. I'm also tired of seeing rich, spoiled people on the internet trash their awesome rides because it just means there's one less cool car for us to buy secondhand. Also, because they are spoiled fucks. :) Did I mention spoiled?


Anyways, my point is, you guys have helped made me feel better about myself. I used to not give a shit about anything and just lived my life the way I wanted to, which often caused me to be angry a lot. But now, I've finally realized I can make a difference. I can just work hard now and enjoy everything later. Including doing donuts.


So thank you Jalopnik. I feel a lot better about myself already. :)

PS - I sorta made my parents seem like they neglected me or something in that last paragraph, which definitely isn't true. Yes, they were getting tired of my shit, but I'm cleaning up after myself. :D

Also, I've applied to part time jobs at Quiksilver and other retail places. I really doubt they'd hire me though, haha.