I want a second car....

But I have no fucking clue what to use it for.

Random C&C pic of some Morgans for ya.

Anyway, I want like a $5k-$10k (or less?) manual coupe/convertible but all my thoughts make no sense. Making sense isn’t a requirement for my 1st car, the Cayman is my daily, my track car, my gear hauler. Practical! But, a second car is for a purpose, or multi purpose but shouldn’t be a competitor to the Cayman.


My first thought is TRACK/AUTOX CAR!! It would be so much cheaper than the Cayman to run I think and I wouldn’t worry about hurting my expensive and most used car. But, how can I justify taking the Cayman out of track duty? It’s too good.

Another C&C pic not related.

Second thought is a cheaper commuter car. Maybe a big low rpm V8 for fun noises and such (obv not great MPG). It can just soak up miles, I can take it on long highway drives too maybe. Doesn’t need extras, just some comfy seats and a nice sound track, maybe a nice audio system but I can update that easily. But again, the Cayman is still pretty great as a daily and road tripper.

Third thought would be a convertible to just cruise around in. I had so much fun in the Miata I rented just driving with the top down, really saw what much of Oppo talks about. I wouldn’t want it 100% of the time, but its a life I could live often. However, dry eyes and messed up hair ain’t a good look for me so I have to plan well.

I would daily this... but idk about reliability...

My big problem is also that I only have 1 garage. So if I have a car that leaks, or needs long-term work, then my Cayman has to live outside again which is just mean after I bought a house for it.

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