Fairly recently my 98 F150 blew a head and an intake gasket. Replacing the intake gasket was pretty terrible and we determined that there would be no reason to try the head without pulling the engine. Meanwhile I have been trying to determine what to do. Part of me wants to keep the truck because I can't see myself not having one. I actually use my truck as a truck unlike some others.

Heres where the dilemma starts. I really want a wagon. The F150 is paid off and I could afford a little bit of a car payment every month. My girlfriend doesn't like wagons and says I will look like an old man, but in reality Im a 60 year old stuck in a 21 year old body so that doesn't bother me.


I have been looking at VW, Audi, and Volvo locally trying to figure out what I want. While I really like they Audi's and VW's they are harder to find around me and a bit more expensive sometimes. (SE NC). Ran across a couple Volvos's today that i liked, an '05 V50 and an '02 XC. I like the idea of the AWD on the XC but I take a hit on MPG. The V50 is one good looking car too.

In my mind if I get a car It makes the most sense for me to get a wagon. They are like the trucks of the car world. I mean, in a perfect world I would drive a mustang but practically that doesn't work/I would get a ticket so fast.


So oppo. Opinions? Should I keep the F15o after I fix it or get an old beater truck? (I kinda like the idea) What should I watch out for? Im in South east NC if anybody wants to find me the deal of the century.

Edit: I should specify. I'm hoping to find something under $8-9K

Thanks Oppo.

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