But they’re impossible to find. Ideally I would find a Mugen body kit with better bumpers. The parts have to be out there, right? In some back room in Japan or Australia? But I can’t even come up with stock replacements for the busted body panels.

Extant forums are useless. First gen CRXs are far more rare than second gens, so searches don’t yield much. It’s hard to even reach other people who still own these, since the generation-specific forums are ghost towns. (I’m looking at you, Red Pepper Racing.)

I think there just aren’t that many parts left stateside, and the remaining customer base is so small that international sellers don’t find it worth their time to list parts online. What I need is a contact abroad who knows how to find this stuff and send it to me. Maybe I should hunt on Instagram or some Aussie forums.

Anyway, the waaambulance is pulling away. Just wanted to express my frustration for a moment.