I want more cooling.

Hey, Apple, don’t you think it’s a bad idea to give a 1.8cm thick computer 16gb of ram, eight cores and an independent graphics card? Well physics certainly does!

My computer generally overheats whenever I play CITY SKYLINES. Since the windows partition ignores the integrated Intel graphics and goes straight to the Nvidia card it also loves running hot all the time!

Is this apple’s fault? No... not really; no one told them I’d be using the ultraportable computer for light to mid demand videogames. Plus, they did worry a lot about cooling, I believe my dual fans can go up to 5000RPM, which is a fucking lot!

But clearly not enough. So... I’m designing a plate for my PC. But I’m barely beginning. I only have the basic design considering the bounds of the computer. As best as I could measure, the fillets apple makes on this computer are half an inch in radius. Something the internet doesn’t know apparently. I also did not expect a huge corporate giant like apple to have dimensions in inches.

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Since I don’t want to remove the back plate, the air would enter from the normal ports to the sides of the computer,I also want to cause a sort of vacuum on the way out of the computer by the hinge. This would all be 3d printed on PLA plastic, probably in two phases since my school might not have machines with the correct size to do so.

I was thinking about two of these bad boys, these are thin enough... but I don’t know how to wire them, and I’d like to wire them to the thunderbolt port rather than the USB port.

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If you can think of better thin fans, and/or help with the wiring issue, I’d be very thankful!

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