I want my hot hatch back!

My GTI has been at the VW dealer for nearly a week getting timing chains done. They have me in a rental Hyundai Elantra. It’s not a bad car at all, but it excels at nothing and it’s definitely not my GTI. Android Auto is nice though so there’s that?

It looks like this but covered in tree sap and bird shit because not my car

I get their mentality as someone who works in the industry: I’m in a car so there’s not a huge rush. Plus the aftermarket warranty company was sending an adjuster out to approve the repairs and that can take a while. The job itself only pays 8 hours but I also have no idea how involved it is to get to the timing components on a TSI.


I just want my zippy 6-speed high maintenance German that makes obnoxious whooshing noises back. Monday marks a week and I'm hoping that I'll get a phone call then since dealers are closed on sundays around here. 

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