So, I'm planning to replace my car this summer (06 Dodge Stratus) with a similar year Legacy GT wagon much like the one above. I have so far found that the few that I come across with manuals are somewhat higher mileage (100K-140K) than I would prefer(<100K). They are mostly under $11K and in good condition from what I can tell. Does anyone have experience with these wonderful things? It would be my DD(that I would most likely drive to death) and I would be adding upgrading everything(air intake, suspension, etc) over its life.

If I do get get one that was above 100K, I am thinking of having the motor rebuilt once it was all mine. Good idea, bad idea, waste of money? This is a vehicle I would love to have more than a G8, which I have been looking at for a long time. Let me know what you all think below.

Have some more wagons. Thanks everyone! (P.S. I dislike all of the wheels in these pictures, especially on the Magnum)