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I want something with a V8 and a manual

Yesterday my coworker bought a 2009 Mustang GT, with a 5 speed. Black, with the same hood scoop and little spoiler as that one, but different wheels. She got me to take it for a drive today, and while I don’t want a Mustang now, I definitely want something with a V8, preferably with a manual. I mean I already knew I wanted a V8, but I’ve never driven a V8 car with a 5 speed before, and it’s a lot of fun.

Very easy to get into license suspension speeds, like it takes more concentration to keep it near the speed limit, and effortlessly goes too fast. The clutch is heavy, but doesn’t have much feel. The gas pedal is weirdly light, and the transmission is light but direct. The steering feel is pretty decent actually, and it somehow feels grippy and planted, but also wallowy and comfy. It definitely feels like a big heavy car, but it really can move once you put your foot into it a bit. And it doesn’t feel fast, like I was doing 90km/h and it felt like 50km/h does in my Subaru. And this is “only” the 300hp 4.6 Modular. I can’t imagine what a facelifted one with the Coyote would be like, or a current GT.


Keep in mind, I’m used to slow cars, I haven’t driven anything with anywhere near this power since my friend sold his E34 540i, and that had an auto and a taller rear end.

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