I don’t get excited about new cars. There’s no reason to want anything too bad, because so little is attainable to me, and what little is, is usually tragic.

No Mitsubishi, I don’t want a Mirage. I really don’t.

This is intriguing though. It’s genuinely light, 2000ish lbs I think. It’s small, it’s rear-wheel drive, and it should be cheap. Cheaper than the FRS/BRZ at least. It’s the first new car I’ve seen that actually makes me picture living with it every day, whether it’s something I’d want to keep for a long time, and considering paying car payments instead of getting something else cheap of craigslist.


There’s very little I dislike about it. The interior looks great, extremely basic, which I like. It looks like a new car that could actually last without being dated terribly by some very of the time navigation system like so many new cars will be. There’s something very old school about the layout and execution, like modern Sports 800/S600/MG, which was the intention I think.


So yeah. Please bring this to Canada, Toyota. I’m pretty sure I’ll buy one.