RWD Taco, loaded, xtra cab, 5-speed, with the 3.4L V6 HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG But notice the rear: the tailgate paint doesn’t quite match, the handle is badly oversprayed entirely (should be black!), and the bumper is aftermarket. I’m thinking this bad boy was rear-ended at some point.

Not quiiiiiite right

But the carfax doesn’t show any of that.


Sounds like unreported damage, and the owner traded it in instead of fixing it maybe? Then whoever got this got a gate off a mismatched Taco, jizzed “close-enough” paint all over it, didn’t mask of the tailgate lever, couldn’t be bothered to grab a factory rear bumper, and here we are today.

Or maybe the back end was starting to rust out so they replaced the gate and bumper? In that case, all the more reason to walk (damn you, Taco subframes).


That all said, a RWD 3.4L manual taco is exceptionally uncommon. SAD!