My pitch would be that I would buy it to make a “Top Gear” style movie clip. And I really would, because making a Kickstarter that says “Just give me money so I can have this Jaguar” doesn’t seem like a good pitch. And I don’t like frivoulous Kickstarters. I don’t even like the idea of Kickstarter. But damn do I want this car. Such good condition, love the styling and its a $2 scratch off lotto away from my grasp. If I had just a bit more money, uggggggghhhhhh.

And in case my Kickstarter somehow spiraled out of control (it has happened), my reach goals would be to buy an E-Type to compare it to ($50K) and to hire James May to help me review them both ($200K). I mean, James May is out of work, he could use the money. Maybe my Kickstarter should just be for hiring James May to help me review Jaguars.


Hell, I’m not even sure I can talk about opening a Kickstarter on a blog. Its kind of like solicitation, isn’t it? Ugh, so much doubt in me right now. I need to stay off of Craigslist.