Dell can suck it. I’ve always had a great experience with a Dell laptop. They worked. They lasted. I’m not that kind to laptops and they tick on for a number of years before replacing. But ideas of the future have changed things. Dell can suck it.

Here’s the deal. A computer is of the future. No DVD drive. Just a usb and power charge and headphone jacks. All I need. But when the internet system on it craps out due to a long line of crap drivers that never fixed a problem they knew about, and then I need that internet to work so I can rescue things out of it, I begin to rage.

The password quit working after I tried to restore a last stable point. A “restore point” they call it. Well, when I want to do that, it couldn’t find a restore point and now had to repair itself or I couldn’t do anything more. And now, It’s repaired with a broken password. I can’t log in. I can’t connect it to the internet to make the password change, and there’s no way to make the thing actually take a USB luck.

That restore partition they use now instead of a drive and CD’s is a great idea; assuming I can actually get to it and make it work.


A DVD drive would be nice.