I want to buy a cheap luxury or sporty car.

At the beginning of the year. I’m looking to spend $3-$6 grand, and I think I’ve narrowed down my choices. They all range from another convertible, to to coupes to sedans to suv’s:

Mercedes C32 AMG


3.2 liter supercharged V6. 349 horses and rwd in an early 00's German sedan. Whats not to love? Kirsten Lee loves her’s, and I’ve read its fantastic if you take care of it. I’ve seen these listed for about $5-6 grand.

W210 E55 AMG

I’ve heard it been described as “One of the last well built AMG’s”. When AMG was actually AMG. Powered by a 5.4 L 354 horse V8 I’m really leaning heavily towards this.

Pontiac Solstice


What I like to call the American Miata (sort of), this car was always a dream of mind when I was a teen. Low, good handling, and kind of fast, at least in GXP trim, these are super cheap now, as long as you stick with the convertible. GXP’s have finally come under $7 grand in a lot of places, and standard trims are often under 6 or 5.


Miata: Of course Ideally a Mazdaspeed Miata like this example. Its just a matter of finding a good example of any Miata. Mazdaspeed’s are never under 8 grand through. I found one for 6 the other day but its gone.

Later 00's Range Rover


I don’t know why these damn things are a bad idea but they appeal to me. 06's usually go for under 5 grand with high miles.

Second Gen Lexus SC430


Another one with a weird appeal to me. Don’t know how that complicated hard top will hold up after all these years. But these are cheap often with high miles as well.

VW Phaeton


I wish I could find one for sale, but there’s about 3 in the whole state: 1 $750 bucks because its trashed, another is about $2800 and needs some cosmetic work and the last is for sale at an actual dealer for $15 grand because it s a rarity: a W12 model. But even then it has a salvage title. I would have one shipped from another part of the country for the right price.

350z Coupe or Convertible


Preferably convertible. But the reliability of the 3.5 combined with the terrible Nissan paint quality from this era make me wary.

Honda S2000


But these are in pain in the ass in that: they are getting harder and harder to find unmolested without shitty mods and the prices are stubbornly high. Thankfully there are a few around 6 and under, but most are over 10 grand.

I have a few others but I’m still looking. What do you guys think of these? Or any suggestions?

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