The reason I was thinking of doing so is because I am a contractor for a cleaning company and I have to lug around heavy cleaning equipment with an Econoline that burns a butt-ton of gas and a creaky wooden ramp that slams into the side walls if I turn more than 30 degrees. I was thinking a wheelchair accessable van would be perfect for my job because:

a. It has a ramp built in so I don't have to keep a ramp inside and have it take up space.

b. It'll burn less gas (if it's a Caravan or something)

c. It'll be comfortable to drive.

As far as costs go, my company can sell of the additional vans we've got (another Econoline and an Astro) along with some extra equipment we've got to buy a nice Caravan or Sienna.

Anyone who has experience with these, could you tell me if this is a good idea or not? I think it's an epic idea, and I'm sure my boss would love it too.