I Want To Do A Thing

3 strakes & 3 U.S. colors because 'Murica.

Partly because I'm a trolling asshole & the only thing american about my car is the badge and partly because I'm a proud american. Obviously, it will have to wait until it warms up. Normally I'm opposed to plasti-dip but I think I'll try it for this. Because my car is a dark red & it might look like I just have one that is blue. In that case I'll just tear it off.


Hell I might just do it for the week surrounding July 4th.

*Idea totally stolen from some tuner company called JAB

** Definitely won't tell my friends that if I ever actually do this

EDIT: I'm also going to buy two of these to slap on my doors for the 4th too, because "USA, WE'RE NUMBER 1!!"



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