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I want to do a thing for my dad.

My dad is a car person. And he made me a car person. Sometimes when I see videos and hear stories about how someone finds a car for their relatives or parents that have some sort of significance (wow, that was terrible vague) like the story of how a son found a Plymouth convertible for his parents since that was the car they got married in or something similar to that, so I just wanted to ask the Oppo community if you guys know where I can find this car.

It's a Bluebird SSS, specifically a U12, from the research that I got from it. I don't know any more about the specific model or anything other than it's an SSS and it might be a Limited.


Actually saw this little toy car on my trip back to Hong Kong and I told him to get it, I remember that even after converting the HKD to USD, it was pretty expensive for a toy car. And he gave me a long lecture about how his had pillarless windows. It was the car that my dad drove when he met my mom and sadly a drunk driver totaled it right a year or so before I was born which made my birth car into a Ford Mondeo instead. (Yeah, all this was in Hong Kong. He also got an Accord SI-R after the Mondeo, does that give him Jalop points.)

So yes, long story short, I've searched a lot of places and I realized that this will 100% have to be imported from another country and I've had the most luck finding examples but not exact match enough in Japan and New Zealand and I was wondering can anyone help?


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