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I want to film semi-professional car videos - what equipment do I need?

I'm in this phase of my life where I'm going foregoing my traditional attachment I have to vehicles and going through a different car every 3-4 months. Vehicles that I've always thought were interesting and are just about fully depreciated, meaning I can buy one, drive it, clean it up, make any necessary repairs or routine maintenance, and resell it for (usually) little to no cost of ownership. Some examples of cars I've been through in the past 18 months include:

'07 Crown Victoria PI

'02 Mustang GT

'08 Mini Cooper S

'06 Infiniti G35

'08 Dodge Magnum R/T

Since I deal exclusively is somewhat niche vehicles (Camrys, Altimas, etc need not apply), I'm thinking of taking advantage of the knowledge I'm gaining by going through so many vehicles by filming car reviews. Think "Regular Car Reviews"...but with less grunting and more useful information.. I know that whenever I'm researching a car, I end up on various forums having to piece together common problems in a particular model, their fixes, and what years offered what major options/changes, and I think it'd be cool to condense all of that into an 8-10 minute video for the . I don't really think it's the kind of Youtube channel that could generate money, I just want to do it for fun.


My question for Oppo is - what sort of audio/video equipment do I need to do this? Is a couple of GoPros sufficient, or will I need dedicated microphones as well? I like watching how Motor Trend, Smoking Tire, Roadkill, and various other Youtube channels film their vehicles and in-car conversations, and want to emulate that to an extent, but I know that's limited by a budget and the fact that I am but one person, and not an entire film crew.

I've never really attempted to document anything in my life, so any suggestions or input at all is appreciated as I'm pretty video-dumb.

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