Sticking with the theme today, I want to share with you a car I see from time to time and everytime I do I utter the titular phrase.

A deep green LR2. I think these look amazing, and I LOVE the notion of a small truck that looks like a big classy one: Example, the GLK, or even the new Compass


Not sure why, probably because the expensive products are available with the chops to back up the looks...but in a more affordable package.

Sadly, like the examples shown above, the LR2 didn’t live up to the promise of its styling doner.


I just can’t but think how cool it would be in that shape with the enginium 4 cylinder and the AAM 2 speed drive unit with locking rear diff as found in the Cherokee KL (Jeeps exclusive use of this tech is limited). Great mileage, great looks, decent capability. If only.