I wanted to swap a wheel or two off the Miata when I got home today...I had about 30 minutes, figured I could get the rear axle done. Until I found locking lugnuts on the wheels, and no key readily visible.

Except it was there. It was there and it was in the single most logical spot for it: in the little cloth bag containing the lug wrench under the jack. I looked under the seats, in the glovebox, in the console, and it was exactly where it’s supposed to be.

So I swapped one of the wheels because that’s all I had time for:

I think they’re going to look killer. They’re 15s, which looks like just the perfect amount of wheel for it.

What else did I find in the Miata? A spare tire, jack tools, tire chains (wtf?), and a hoist for the hard top, which is pretty sweet.

Also a 120gb iPod Classic.


Depending on if it works, it’ll bring me $50-100, so that’s great.

About my only issue with the PO is that they only supplied one key when they sold it, and that key broke off in the ignition yesterday. My local Mazda dealer assures me they a) have the blank and b) can cut it based off the VIN. Technology is the best.

I also feel better about the Yukon today, I’ll write about why later. To paraphrase Dave Foley on an episode of Kids in the Hall, it’s too early to tell, but it might not be junk.