Today I was following a student driver. This child with an instructor in the passenger seat was doing 5 UNDER the speed limit and not even doing to consistently. Child (gender fee pronoun) would occasionally bump up to 55 or even 60, then hit the brakes back down to 50.

There are a few problems with this. For staters I know the woman who owns this driver’s Ed school. She is a very quiet, overly cautious, timid middle aged woman. The kind of driver who will probably piss me off at a round about, and she is teaching a generation of children to drive at or below the speed limit. That’s a problem in the real world.

Also cruise control is standard in almost every car now. It was invented to for convenience but for safety, smooth flowing traffic, as well as higher fuel efficiency. But apparently she is not teaching kids to use it.

I passed this student driver a a few minutes later I looked back and there was a line of probably 10 angery drivers now suck behind this irregular slow poke, probably getting angery.


It really makes me want to open a driving school. One that encourages confidence, while teaching skills to back it, because just teaching kid to be timid driver’s isn’t going to help.