I want to spend $1k+ on carbon fiber parts for my Miata

I found CarbonMiata recently and I’ve been lusting over their inventory for the past few days. This is the stuff I want to buy for my NB:

CF trunk lid with integrated duckbill spoiler

I’ve noticed paint flaking off on my OEM trunk lid, where the duckbill spoiler attaches to the trunk lid. Rather than having it repainted, I could shave 7 pounds by replacing the trunk lid with this CF beauty. By far the most expensive item in my cart, I’ve sent a message to CarbonMiata asking for more photos of the underside of the trunk and to confirm that there are provisions for license plate lights.


CF steering column cover

This OEM part has a large steel plate attached to the backside (why???), which causes the plastic mounting tab (not visible in this photo) to break, which then sags and looks bad. So I get to replace a broken part and save a bit of weight at the same time! This part is 100% being ordered regardless of the others, and I’m really excited to get this in the car.

CF windshield cowl grille

This will replace the faded black plastic bit between the hood and the windshield. I’ll probably order and install this the next time I have the windshield replaced (which has happened twice in my 6 years of ownership).


CF radiator panel

This is a nicely designed piece to help direct airflow into the radiator and not other parts of the engine bay.


CF side sills

My NB just has boring tan colored side sills. I’ve always thought about replacing them with the Mazdaspeed aluminum side sills, but never got around to it. These CF side sills ought to match my tan/black interior better anyway.


CF door cups

I mostly want these just to have some CF visible on the interior of the car. Arguably overpriced, I’ll probably order them anyway.


So altogether, these parts are about $1300 shipped. I haven’t done much to personalize how my car looks but these CF parts will help with that and also shed some weight in the process. Just waiting to hear back from them regarding those trunk lid details and then I think and order will be placed! Maybe not for everything here, but a few of these parts for sure.

I’m just glad I don’t have an NA or an NC Miata, as there are WAY more CF options for the interior and I would want to buy aaaaaaall of the trim pieces:

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