This is a V12 Mercedes Convertible.

Many many people love this generation of SL. Honestly I could take it or leave it, but to me it is perfect to become a slammed sleigh. If I had an extra 25 grand laying around I’d buy this, add air ride, some sick wheels and a VIP inspired blue quilted leather interior, with a matching blue top. I’d also go with gold badging and a gold... silver arrow. For peak 90s luxury, like your aunts Camry.


I would also shave the door handles, and French the antenna lowrider style. Maybe to a goldflake lace panel on the hardtop.and I’d possible ad a spoiler. I’d also a custom quad tip titanium exhaust. Again going with a VIP BIPPU style inspiration, it’s got a V12 gotta let it sing.

For then wheels I think these Rotiform RWOs would do. They have a simple old school look, and the gold would match the badging.


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