After reading BarryDanger’s post regarding his 7-day trail with an A6 Avant supercharged, I did a little unnecessary car shopping for one myself. I don’t how I was completely unaware they were sold with the (surprisingly old) 3.0T (which means supercharged and not turbocharged because REASONS). The handful I’ve ever seen in the wild had the 3.2 badge for the N/A V6.

Here’s something amusing: I found three for sale locally the other day, and two of them sold sometime between then and I type this! So the last local example left is this one:

I blacked out my tail-lights so they yadda yadda
Oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssss

This seems tempting to me. A giant, luxurious (for the time), proper wagon, AWD, and 300+ hp.

And from what I’m gathering, the 3.0T doesn’t seem incredibly unreliable or spooky like the 4.2 (with the belt on the wrong side), the 2.0T, or even the 3.2... which the 3.0T is based off of, apparently. That said... They’re still a little scary for me. But I found this cool website that lists some of the potential issues with the engine. Scariest one being that pre-2012 and oil consumption:


Yeah, I know it’s quite foolish to be drawn to a decade old luxury German car, with a supercharged and AWD, and also an Audi badge. We’ve been down this road before.

But I don’t know... Could work for a parallel version of me that actually had 12 grand to blow on a car and suffer the subsequent consequences?


Thank you for your time.

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