I have to take him to the vet this morning. He has been limping. I am terrified that this is some awful joint problem because shepherd. I want to drive the Sunchaser, but it is gray and damp, and rain is coming tonight.

My pond is still foamy due to all natural koi/goldfish meds. I am going to backwash and treat with bacterial cultures (good bacteria) this weekend. Unlike an aquarium, which is sterile, a pond is an ecosystem and it needs to be kept in balance or it turns to green slime.


I don’t know if the issues some of my fish are having are disease or old age. That plant I pulled out was killing the pond by forcing the fish into an increasingly smaller space and by growing on its own rotting roots. (Yeah, that plant did not work out too well).

But then again, some of these fish are almost 10 years old. Who the hell knows about old age and goldfish? I think most get flushed within 36 hours of coming home. Remember, I have a couple of koi, but most of these fish are elementary school carnival survivors and their progeny. Think about going from being a feeder goldfish to living in backyard pond for a decade, and producing offspring. That is the goldfish Super Lotto.


Since I can bury my shame at the bottom of this post, I must make a confession. I have been very committed to weight loss and good health after my heart attack, but alas, I have gained back a little weight. Ice cream got the better of me. Without beer in my life, I have found myself with a sweet tooth I never had before, and well...you know the rest.


So I am determined to get back on track and attack sugar and sweets like the stubborn fool that I am. Let’s look at this like an 80s Toyota that anyone in their right mind would pass on as fast as they could. With enough irrational determination and ill-conceived expenditures, that baby can become a gem. I will overcome sweets like a Chico meth addict’s abused 5-MGE. (The Cressida is not pretty, but she purrs like a kitten. All she needs is a power steering pump to be a daily driver. I have a Cressida savings account with a few thousand dollars in it. Hahahaha....you see what I am talking about?)

I have issues.  Please root for Toby to just have a small boo boo. It's not his fault that I am a problem.