Update: Trek warranty has prevailed and replaced the severed seat stay. After a week and a half my bike is back to normal and I can continue to shred up the trails. I don't feel the need to cry anymore!

I was ascending the max elevation of what was going to be the most epic ride of my life. A 27 mile 7000 ft descent from the La Sal mountains back into Moab, UT. This trail combines the trails of Burro Pass, Hazard County and Porcupine Rim making it the Whole Enchilada.

I paid $25 for a shuttle to beginning of the burro pass trail which you have to ascend a 1000 feet to summit which begins the long descent back to Moab. The ascent up to the top of Burro Pass was quite difficult with loose rock and steep grades led to a very much failed attempt to ascend the whole thing while pedaling. Most people were walking their bikes the whole way up.

My pride does not allow me to walk my bike so I always feel I have to bike the trail as much as possible. I had lost momentum going up one of these steep inclines and I applied my brakes in my efforts to keep from rolling back . I dismounted the bike and I walk the bike to a flat spot and get back on. While pedaling, something was rubbing and I get off to check by spinning the wheels and they seemed to spin just fine. I attempted to ride again and it's still rubbing. I was getting frustrated that I wasn't seeing the problem.


I was on the steep hillside looking at the rear cassette and crank not noticing the other side but when I looked on the other side, I saw this and I knew exactly what I just did.


At the grade angle combined with my weight, the load on the upper swing arm was in a compressed load with moment applied from the brakes. Right at the weld of the brake mount on the arm, the whole tube was fractured. I was so mad and then sad that my lips were quivering.

After talking with my group I decided I would walk back down and try to get back down on the next commercial shuttle that came around 11:30 and I would hopefully be there when they got back


I had a very slow depressing walk almost about 2 miles back down the steep mountain I had to explain to ever person going up why I was going down. Most were very sympathetic it seemed but it sure didn't make me feel better.

Luckily, when I got back to the beginning of the trail, these guys running their own shuttle let me drive their Ford Econoline van back to Moab. It was a win win situation. I got their van back to town so they didn't have to drive an hour back up the mountain and I simply were able to get back to town. They were from Aspen and they enjoyed my horrible Dumb and Dumber "where the beer flows like wine" joke. All around good people and made my day a whole lot better than I was smiling by the time I left.


Trek has a lifetime warranty on their frames. Hopefully we can get soemting worked out and i can get back on the saddle sometime soon.