I was allowed to do this to an F-type today

Walk in to a JLR dealership and see V6S F-type. Go over and marvel at it. Come out of V6S and talk to salesman. Mention the V8S to him and he gives me the keys to it. Soon enough I’m doing this. (Video isn't that great, salesman wanted me out but let me take a quick video. Doesn't sound that great here, but trust me, in real life it's organismic).


Ok, so I didn’t drive it, but I wasn’t even expecting to be allowed into the drivers seat, let alone rev it. Frankly I’m still reveling in the fact I was able to do that (may not be clear by how I look in the video ).BTW it sounds REALLY GOOD. Think of what the love child between 5.0 coyote and the M156 6.2 would sound like, only with a lot more crackling.

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