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I was almost assaulted by a taxi driver... again...

But this time I was walking in a residential neighborhood two days after Christmas and I must say I have some thoughts.

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I think that taxi drivers are stepped on by everyone, they have a tough job, and they don’t earn a lot of money. No one really likes them, to the point that the government really didn’t think twice to literally ban their cars or let Uber work without the expensive licenses.

With that said, lets put ourselves in the shoes of this fucking asshole:

So sure, you (taxi driver) see some dude just walking down a residential street, and he looks just like that dude that got into an Uber the other day that took away your income, and it looks like just that dude who flipped you off at an intersection, or like that inspector from the DOT that denied your emissions sticker, or that cyclist that overtook you in the protected lane where you used to be able to go, as the passenger in the BRT on the other lane whooshes past with it’s own speed limit, lane, and semaphore.


He looks like someone that made your life a living hell and you know what? Fuck this dude. Fuck his tranquility, fuck his day, and fuck his rights! “I’ve got more rights I’M IN A CAR.”

So you clutch your steering-wheel with as much strength as your palms, worn-out over years of stress, will allow and dump the accelerator pedal. You skip two speed humps, cross an intersection without stopping so that you can finally see the cold stare of the dude you hate.

So you slam on the brakes, but also on the horn, and you breath in all you hate, and all you despise about the dude and just let it all go out “Get the fuck out of my way, asshole” you shout, to a mesmerized crowd of one because you didn’t roll down the windows. Just to quickly dump the accelerator back to the floor and leave behind a cloud of dust.

But you don’t feel it leave. You’re not happy... now you’re worried “did a cop see me? what is the speed limit” But those fears fade away, not that they were accompanied by any satisfaction you wanted to begin with.


But you never realized what you did. You never thought about it. You never thought that it’s wrong to drive a car down a small residential road doing 60km/h even if the limit is half that. A cross dangles from your mirror, but you didn’t think that it’s been two days after christmas and that a kid might find themselves testing their new bike near your domain.

You just barreled on, filled with an unending rage, with only luck separating you from a deadly accident. Your palms continue to grace the tired steering wheel as you wonder why no one wants to get into your car.


Because you’re not a bad person, you’re a working man! “Why is that hot lady with the cute ass not getting into my car? I’ve never raped anyone!”

Because you’re a courteous driver, “Why is that smart-looking businessman not getting into my car? I’ve never mugged anyone!”


“Ugh, look at the black guy getting into an Uber... I’m sure he’s a gringo but I still don’t like “them”... if I’m picking up foreigners they must be Asian or White*”

So you suffer. and you never really understood why. You are a good person be-faced by a bad world and you never thought that you deserved anything bad. Your problems are the fault of those fucking politicians or those techy assholes. The streets are yours and truly now this because you’re alone in your car, and you can’t grasp why this has happened.


But instead of introspection, you continue your day, driving endlessly on an empty cab looking for people that might have some sort of pitiful feeling for you. People that would give you a chance to work.

But you will never find them. Because you never gave them a chance to see that you weren’t a selfish prick.


-end of rant-

*: A cab driver said this casually in San Miguel one day.

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