And yet I don’t think either of us were at fault.

I was just trying to merge on to the highway. I had matched speed with highway traffic. It was a two-lane highway and a one-lane merge. The semi truck was in the left lane as I was merging on to the highway. I was using my signal. As I was merging, the semi wanted to switch lanes. I was right next to the cab. All of a sudden, at 65MPH, I notice the semi approaching me rapidly. I couldn’t exactly drive ahead of the semi because there was a car ahead of me, conveniently driving slower than I need to be going.


Here’s the thing, I must’ve been in the semi’s bling spot, so it couldn’t have been entirely his fault. We both noticed each other at the same time. I panicked and swerved into the shoulder as the semi cancelled his lane change. I could feel my car at the limit of grip. Any more and I would have slid off the highway. It didn’t help that it’s a damp day.

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Anyway, as I regained my composure, I powered past the semi and left that area altogether.

I can’t be too angry about it, since it was really neither of our faults. As I stated previously, the semi driver couldn’t see me, and there wasn’t really anything I could do to avoid merging next to it. I’m just glad my car and I are in one piece.

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