And I learned that parking next to the clown shoe was a huge mistake... Rob, the shoes owner, was a very cool dude tho.

(disclaimer; I leave my dashcam running when ever I’m parked away from home)

Almost no one notice the green tank next to the shoe (far left pictured above), not that my wagon is truly show worthy, nor was I there for attention.

But In the name of statistics: I can divide those who noticed into 4 groups;

  1. Those who thought it was an S4, or a6, or audi 100. (S6 wagons are far and few)
  2. Those who liked my grill badge (trigger happy tweens mostly)
  3. Those who thought it was an rs2. (mostly younger folk)
  4. Those who used to own an old audi these were usually older (55+)

Also...Travis Okulski walked by my car... never noticed..damn clown shoe...

FYI; here’s my awesome badge: