I had a couple of pieces that got posted on the front page this week that went nuts. The one I wrote about Curbstoning even got picked up by Yahoo.

Then a little thing I wrote about Traffic Law Myths got some traction and ran up over six figures.

However, as with everything that’s been posted on a Jalopnik sub-blog, commenters wanted to argue with me on a lot of what I wrote. A surprisingly large number of people think that every person traveling on the road must be wearing a seat belt “because of Federal Law!” Tell that to people on motorcycles.


But the Curbstoning one raised quite a fuss with people (I suspect many of them were car flippers) who claimed that no one is ever harmed by Curbstoning and therefore, I should just kindly shut up.

In that regard, I decided to do this week’s Lehto’s Law as a companion piece to the Curbstone article. I explain it in a bit more detail and, to reward you for listening, I tell the story of the absolute worst title skipping horror story of all time.


And if you are a car flipper or Curbstoner and you’re bummed that I’m warning people about this, don’t worry. No one listens to me anyway.

The pic at the top was one week ago: I was at a talk and book signing for my American Murder Houses. You know me: I like to keep busy.

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