Not my car in the picture btw!

The broker gave me 160 instead of 150$ for the great work I did in the cold morning yesterday. And then I got 30$ for free in the mailbox because of a lawsuit against Danone.…


I gave an oil change to the Mazda 3 right after and it's now running with Motorcraft synthetic 5w20 and a Motorcraft FL910s filter. The engine is running smoooooootthhhh and silent! Tomorrow I have to do the big service on it at the dealership + the power steering fluid change as well. I also ordered a speaker for the rear passenger door (only 30$) as it was blown and surprisingly, the parts guy which is a good friend, told me that they ordered 17 of theses this year as they blow all the time (keep that in mind if you have a Mazda 3 2010+). Then I talked about my key hole for the trunk that felt like there was something stuck in it which made my key unable to go all the way inside despite lube. He knows I'm a mechanic and knows I can do DIY stuff since they saw my Miata from day one. He told me to remove it and send it to a locksmith and that it will cost me 20$ while keeping the same key. This is why I love my Mazda Dealership. They wont say shit like, dude you have to replace this with no explanation, they WILL try to find the best solution that will cost the less for a DIY guy like me and will print plans of the car to help me. Also I always get 10% less or more when the guy feels like it on parts. He even told me a good secret about the carpets they have, "The carpets cost 5-10$ but we sell them for 30-50$ if you ever wanna get carpets for cheap, you know who to talk to hahahaha.". I don't know how other dealerships treat you guys, but I love this one. I'm staying with Mazda all the way because of that.

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